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62 Air-to-Air Victories, 1 Bombing run and 3 wars and 1 conflict. I've been shot down 4-5 times in combat, though ejected or bailed out (no combat injuries, yet, lol).

Am Experienced and qualified in F-18 (Retired from), F-14 (Retired from, but would like to fly again), F-15(Updating newer models and testing), EF-2000 (Active), B-1B(Bombed enemies but got shot down, Ejected though, lol), B-52 (Long flights in the Pacific), C-130 (Scar Creak flights), AH-64 (Weapons Testing), MD-500E (Black Ops), C/MH-53 and UH-60 (Transporting goods to new bases in the Amazon and Indonesia), SSF-01, Development, Testing and Black Ops. silent

I'm the Creator and Founder of the GPEO. Flew F-18's and F-14's, practiced Dog Fighting with a good friend 'SkyKid,' flew with Lustful1, MACSBONE, UnknownCowboy, Ansteve1, and napsteronald. Later thought about creating fictional operations for a political sim 'THE MAP' and would utilize craft in FSX and the areas of the world (since we are able to fly all over the world in FSX), found a FSX Virtual Military Faction called the FSX-Fleet and signed up to maybe write up mission plans and fictional operations that would estimate which faction on 'THE MAP' would win the specific air battles. Later got confused by a misunderstanding and was shot down by the Leader of the FSXF after being bragged to about how big FSXF was and being denied by the FSXF to help out with operations. After a misunderstanding about 'THE MAP' took place and was shot down the Revolutionary War kicked off with one of the factions from 'THE MAP' GPEO. Only later to find out that the incident was all a misunderstanding.

During the war flew the F-14D and for the 1st organized battle of the war, teamed up with Trinity830E, got 3 kills and shot down the 2 top leaders of the FSXF. Later served near Singapore, and eventually signed a Cease Fire with the FSXF. Planned and lead the Liberation of France and earned a kill on a FSXF merc, and lead the Liberation of Panama and earned another 2 kills. While serving with new GPEO members found a terroristic group of pilots claiming to be the best and counting on everyone ordered the take down of these pilots and shot down one of them, while pilots of another new faction downed the others with GPEO pilots. Ordered the take down of FSXF cargo planes heading North, after getting threatening words from FSXF pilots, and reports of FSXF gaining Nuclear capabilities and receiving several FSXF hacks to the GPEO communications lines. Lead the initial Liberation of Hawaii, then Alaska, and then the final full Liberation of Hawaii; later also gave NOS.22.BLUE responsibility to liberate Iwo Jima and 'Flyboy' to capture Okinawa. Planned the pre invasion of Seattle and Cold Iron and lead cold Iron while giving the task of the pre invasion of Seattle to Bmxbika11. I had ordered to postpone the invasion of Seattle after receiving more threats of FSXF possible bombing runs in GPEO territory. I served with pilots for a Night Raid in Canada against the FSXF. Made final preparations for the invasion of Seattle and served alongside with several other pilots in a 6-7 hour fight to Liberate Seattle, gaining 18+ kills that day and several more unconfirmed. Gave the responsibility to Rockstar to Liberate Iraq, and had GPEO pilots liberate Texas with FSX Air Force under their leadership, later gave 'Coolman' the responsibility of the US East Coast Liberation. After a while I Received fatigued massages from FSXF leaders that they are now ready to stop fighting GPEO. It was only Later that I was to confirm their unwillingness to fight anymore.

Started to make new videos of GPEO and to finish writing about the war and asked questions to both Allied and FSXF veteran pilots what they did during that time and investigating what truly happened, trying to piece together every detail. Was denied access to FSXF members and records, later to find out that the agreement of members on both sides interacting and flying together was prohibited, though pilots continued to do so without raising suspicions. Accessed EF-2000 Euro Fighter Typhoons and fell in love with them, and many other pilots did also, and we Rock n' Rolled with them.

Was contacted by many new FSX Factions and new allies and rivals arose from the wood work and Cold war scenario erupted among other factions. Ordered the EMP Strike of St. Martin Islands after a conflict arose between GPEO and a new aggressive faction, later to partner with this faction. There was a need to found an Alliance Group, so I Founded the Global United Democracy to deal with the rising tensions and powers. I also later founded the UCGS, a Civilian community that was to be protected by GPEO and all Factions that serves and promotes Freedom.

Was ousted from the GPEO public and one of the Sister GPEO Communication lines after some internal leadership criticism by Imperialistic type members in GPEO who aimed to control members rather than to work together as a team. And later GPEO split up after a power struggle. Called on supporters to unite against this traitor of Freedom, and to unite and resist them and to secure freedom. ME and some other rebel GPEO's established an underground HQ among old enemies that did not support the so called 'New GPEO' and supported thee 'Free GPEO.' This old foe made new friend asked to help out making a site for a new FSX Community, in return will be given the access to the Communications line until GPEO got one of its own. Learned to paint craft and make scenery during this time, and made some friends and acquired new craft for GPEO in the process.

I Opened an Intel line with other Factions dealing with this other GPEO, later to receive political pressure and to be taken advantage of by these factions. I also had called for the Free GPEO to regroup in the Pacific, South America, and Indonesia while Allies secured the remainder positions left by GPEO. Received word that a new coalition was forming out of these bullying factions and was offered to participate in it, though realizing that would mean the end of GPEO and honorably declined peacefully.

Received word that this Coalition is planning to attack, and later confirmed their intentions with help from inside Intel Agents. Later I received a message from the Coalition that they have declared war. Quickly ordered up defenses up all over, though by the time they attacked it was too late for one of the Civilian cities of the UCGS, over 11-12 Million were killed (in the VR World, lol). Went on a Spec Ops mission to Recover NOS.22.Blues plane and used it to shoot down 3 ACC pilots and brought it back to Egypt to be hidden in a bunker. A week or 2 later I received a message from ACC that they have surrendered, though it was not public.

Ordered a new communications forum up after a new member joined stating that it would help out GPEO making it more professional and organized, and it has and is 100%. Eventually I started to think up of ideas with some members and came up with and created a potentially new system idea to help with the growth of GPEO and to teach members better. Is now planning the future of GPEO and creating various ideas with members. Now I am writing up training manuals, creating scenery/building bases and training pilots to be effective in the possible upcoming conflicts and wars in future.
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