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Hello and welcome to the GPEO Forum

      The GPEO is one of the only factions that promotes and stands for a true cause, and is the most Organized, and Strongest faction in FSX. Our strength lies not in numbers, but in our team work, will to honor and remember those who have sacrificed so much for our Freedom.

      We exist now to honor those who have given us our Freedom and to promote what they knew they were fighting for. Our rivals take for granite the fact that they can talk freely on our forums, in our sessions and on our You Tube videos and elsewhere without consequences, just as many do today in the real world in the US and in other places, stating in a cocky way, ‘Freedom of Speech’ as if freedom can’t be taken away. Our faction makes a point that freedom is not just handed out, it is fought for and earned by those who truly desire it, and to just be expected; for one day it all may be taken away in the real world only to be realized later how much we’ve been so spoiled, and how important it is to preserve at all costs. We do not live knowing that in the past the wars for freedom are over and we now live in a free world, we know it is still being fought for even In our own lands and some are trying to be in control of us all; we ask ourselves: Do we want to be owned by someone as a wage slave earning only enough money to survive in dept our whole lives, or to be free of wage slavery and to learn and attend all schools freely and to never worry about losing everything to banks and to be able to raise a family without the threat of crime and losing everything in a free society as we have wished to our whole lives as we are meant to be? Are you ready to make a stand for the cause of freedom on a virtual scale and unite with us and fight those who want total control over everyone, to fight those who hate us because we are free from their control? Do you want to be owned and controlled, or do you want to be free and indipendent?


GPEO is for Freedom, Peace, Humanity Life Liberty and Justice for All


     We care for the rights and Freedom of everyone and believe that one should have control and responsibility of their own actions. We seemed to have added the libertarian ways with the GPEO Freedom loving Pioneer Spirit. We always evolve to our surroundings, while continuing the aims and cause of Freedom to All in the group. We don't want to push around others and don't want to be pushed around our self. We Live and let live. We defend ourselves and our Freedom. GPEO is not Communist. I just thought that I would make this clear to our friends and foes. And know we will defend our Freedom.


     We have come to the realization that one who desires control in a group over others has a hard time being in control of their self, and that those who can control their self are able to be free in a group that has no need to be under the control of others, or run by rules, because the individuals in the group are already intelligent enough to use their good morals.


     We the GPEO have the ability of 'Self Control', Honor and Good Morals. We don't believe that we need to control other individuals in the group because we expect others to have control of their own behavior.


     The ones believing GPEO must be under strict control, under rules or regulations are the ones who can't control their self, so they leave to start up their own groups. We know this because those demanding control are the ones who can't control their own behavior, so they demand some sort of control in the group, wanting someone else to control them


Freedom for All, Freedom for Life

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