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GPEO News: Monday, September 7, 2009

With new turns of events and differences sorted out and finding more in common than thought the VNF and GPEO have signed a peace treaty, now looking toward the future we can forget the past hatred and move on to better things. Aircraft development and research is continuing and even more types of fighter aircraft are being thought about introducing to the GPEO including the F-4, F-5, F-2, MiG-21, MiG-29, SU-20 and 30 models, and possibly some euro craft like, SAAB JAS-39, and the Rafale. Those who wish to become GPEO Recruits have still not gone to join the ‘User Group (Recruits)’ anyone who wants training and is looking to become an active GPEO pilot must start by joining this group ‘Recruits’ in the ‘User Groups’ tab at the top.

GPEO Announcements

---------- Political ---------- The GPEO and VNF have Signed a Peace Treaty; There are new Factions in the VR World that seem to be wanting to jump right into a war with factions several times older and the size, we can only give them advice to not jump into a war with more experienced factions especially if they are very new to this VR World; Uatia had broken partnership with the GPEO, they are still in contact and are still friendly toward us, though Uatia is also on another game platform and it also is useless to be allied at this time. Canada which is still under GPEO leadership may be split up into 2 or 3 sections, new factions are rising and Canada may become West and East Canada, the proposal also promotes that changing borders makes this VR World more exciting and fun.

Defense Tech ---------- Possible new aircraft are being talked about to being added to the GPEO fighter arsenal, each craft would take a lot of work to getting them to being ‘Military Grade’ and instead of Units being only one type of fighter we can have them comprise of different types, some are good in places others are not and vice-versa.

Domestic --------- Pilots are starting to train each other and are working together more, this is a good thing and shows that this system is becoming more effective and efficient. As new members sign up and join the ‘Recruits’ group, they can choose from one or the other instructor to be trained or thought by.

Recruitment and Joining ----------- Still as more join the forum and they want to become an active member in GPEO they must find the ‘User Groups’ tab and join the ‘Recruits’ group. From there you can contact one of the training administration officers for training and/or test courses.

Training & War Games ---------- Planning for war games never works out, so we have come up with a new way to kicking off war games, those who are not even GPEO members are able to participate as long as they know the dog fighting system, which is found on the site.

Note: Again, if you are a Recruit you may find that you were ‘Bright Green’ all were taken off, the reason for this is not that anyone was kicked, but issues have been noticed, some were on the recruits list and were getting recruitment notes when they were not interested in being in the GPEO. So, please if you are wanting to be a recruit and are wanting to become an active GPEO Pilot, sign up in the ‘Recruits’ group and take the training courses to become an Active GPEO Pilot. You will find the tab at the top where is says ‘Usergroups’ and you can sign up in the ‘Recruits’ group. If you have trouble finding it then go ‘Here'. We apologize for the inconvenience.

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