Revised Treaty of Osaka

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Revised Treaty of Osaka Empty Revised Treaty of Osaka

Post  Archer on Tue Nov 23, 2010 12:27 pm

Treaty of Osaka (2010)
Land cession between GPEO and TFC

GPEO would:
Cede all former Virtual Marine Corps bases in Japan and South Korea to TFC, except for the Island of Okinawa.
Create a joint occupied North Korea between TFC and GPEO

Task Force Crimson, in return, agrees to:
Provide a discount and tax break on seafood and certain electronic goods to GPEO
Letting GPEO keep all mothballed and active aircraft in North Korea.
Technological Trading with TFC for some of our latest items.

The purpose of the treaty is to give TFC a better regional defense role, as well as providing for lasting good relationship between GPEO and TFC.

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