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GPEO News 11/12/11



Early on in 2011, RCOE once more has demanded the Falkland
Islands from the GPEO, and has received the same reply. GPEO will not
give up the Falkland Islands without a fight. RCOE has once again,
disappeared into hiding, or has given up all together. Uatia has United
into GPEO. Libyan (NATO)-Rebels have begun murdering all black skinned
individuals as well as all Libyan Military Forces that have surrendered
to the Rebels. GPEO aims to assist whats left of the rightful Libyan
Military, in order to help them to their feet, against the NATO-Rebels.
Libya is now in Chaotic Anarchy.

International Action Report

NATO Rebels continue to kill surrendered Libya an Army
personnel, without cause and trials. They are also rounding up and
killing all black-skinned individuals. GPEO stands by and prepares to
put things right, and to help the Libyan Military get a foot-hold in
Libya, in order to stop the senseless killings of surrendered military
and civilians in Libya. This in some way might look to be like the
beginning of a bigger future operation in the African Continent.
Nourishing Wasteland.

Recruitment Opportunities

GPEO is looking for dedicated Officers, Pilots, and
Directing Staff, as well as Recruiter Personnel (to Recruit outsiders), Unit Leaders, and Land Forces (Uatia Division on ArmA-II). PM the proper Officers and Directors
for Employment and for proper Training and Lectures in these fields.

Defense Tech

The new Universal Defensive Aerospace Command (UDACOM) is
now Active. It is directed by Major. Adrian "GhostEye" Castro. The USEA
is researching new Vortex-Transportation-Devices, which hopefully one
day can be used for Instant Transportation of object to different parts
of the world, (instantaneous mail travel), as well as human space
(planet-to-planet/space-station) travel. The Vortex Devices are
currently in research & development.


The UIA has opportunities for members to conduct Covert
Operations, which at times they could end up working with or for foreign
units and factions in the field, disrupting rival forces in hopes to
gain advantages to continue serving the cause of Freedom overseas, for
those who are unable to defend the skies in their areas, to
remain independent.


GPEO is looking for Officers to head leadership and directing
positions. Recruits and Members may take Officer Training
Lectures/Courses, in order to receive education on heading GPEO Programs
and Units. As we all know, Uatia has merged into GPEO as the Uatian
Division, of GPEO. Uatian Division Leader answers to the GPEO Director,
only, unless Directed otherwise by the Director. Uatia is primarily an
independent branch of the GPEO Land Forces, and uses some air and sea

How to Join GPEO

Signing up on the Forum is not Joining the
GPEO. To Join the GPEO, click on the "User Groups" tab, and locate the
"Recruits Group" and request to join it. Then you will become a
"Recruit" of the GPEO. From there, your GPEO Career will begin.

NC-13 - 11/12/11 - GPEO News Agency
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