Politically Accurate Revolutionary War Explanation

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Politically Accurate Revolutionary War Explanation

Post  UIA on Sun Jan 19, 2014 5:54 pm

Note: To politically be accurate and genuine, here are a few things to be made clear. The GPEO was first to be formed as a Global Peace Enforcement Organization (GPEO), and did not officially own territory until the war broke out in the US, and spread throughout the world.

Technically the FSXF was the US Military. They managed to secure control over the US government through ownership of the mainstream media. They served the Free Market Capitalist Elite, the Oil and Military Industrial Complexes, and World Bank. They protected Big Business exploitation of the poor in the US and abroad, as well as serving the Corporate Elite, and worked the corrupt system that the US had become under their control.

They catered to the rich and condemned the poor or weak. Their media was censored and controlled with an iron fist. A great deal of freedom of speech and expression was violated. They had their mainstream condemn anything freedom loving, and they hindered the voices of the average, every day majority, including their own with their controlled media.

The FSXF labeled the GPEO as a Terrorist Organization, extremist of freedom, and outlawed it in the US. Out of its leaders ego and thirst for control and power, the decision was made to bully the GPEO by shooting one of its Peace Enforcement fighter jets down, just before bragging about how powerful and elite they claimed to be.

As a show of bravery in the face of such overwhelming power, standing for what is right, the GPEO denounced the FSXF openly after forming its own mainstream media outlet to shout the truth. GPEO laid the foundation for an elite air combat training unit as well as a major plan for organized survival and a revolution.

The FSXF responded with an all out attack on GPEO media Facilities to silence it once and for all, but that only caught the eye of the public more. The FSXF’s attempt to silence the GPEO sparked what has become known as the Revolutionary War.

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