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Post  Dragnoxz on Tue Jul 08, 2014 10:45 pm

The GPEO will not have an active CEO after a month from now. The reason being, I, that CEO, will be focusing on studying and university affairs. I will be majoring in Aerospace and ROTC, and during the summers will be attaining pilots licenses and upgrading its status, as well as attaining a CDL Class-A license, and will be driving semi trucks to pay for both college and pilots license and its upgrades. After that, I will most likely go through officer school and training, then as an officer will go into military flight school, and attain a fighter pilot position, if possible. Yes, your beloved Dragnoxz will hopefully be a fighter pilot within 6 years. It is all depending on my studying in college and drive to succeed. There is no giving up for me.

I am interested in appointing a staff of GPEO Directors of different programs of the group to maintain its growth.

What we need is below:

Recruitment Director - Forms a staff of recruiters to Recruit new members for Trainers

Training Director - Assembles a Training Program of trainers to train new members to be organized into units

Organization Director - Organizes members based on aircraft type and assigns them to bases

Operations Director - Plans and schedules operations (like training ops) for trained units to operate

This will work as a system, where recruits go straight into testing for their skills then sent through training, then are assigned to a unit and are given operations to do here and there. Simple and effective. I hope to return and see GPEO active and thriving.
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