Hawaii Communications Restored

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Hawaii Communications Restored Empty Hawaii Communications Restored

Post  GPEO on Sun Jan 25, 2015 10:25 pm

Communications in Hawaii were restored to the outside world. An Elite SPOND Unit was deployed by a submarine and restored state wide communications. Then they moved on to neutralize several terrorist positions with the help of Frigates off the coast, before linking with local police and SWAT teams. Local Law Enforcement managed to set up their own barricades to fend off large numbers of hostile gunmen.

GPEO Naval Personnel were prisoners under light armed guard in near by correctional facilities. They were freed by an assortment of GPEO, local Police and SWAT Teams. Just before capture, several terrorists had barricaded and killed themselves in a large explosion. Several prisoners along with some police were lost in the blast.

It is believed that several of the terrorists escaped and took missile warheads form the islands munitions stockpiles. It is possible that they could use them in future terrorists attacks. Local police have begun frantically investigating this, along with UIA support. It is unclear who the assailants are, or what their motive is.
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