Taking Applications for Staff

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Taking Applications for Staff

Post  Dragnoxz on Wed Dec 01, 2010 2:28 pm

For those of you who are Active, here are some things avalible for you to consider. Staff positions are open for who ever is avalible, but are only temporary positions. Members who become Staff will recieve their Staff Ribbon, or Achievement Award.
You become a Staff or Board Member, you will recieve this Ribbon.

Requirements for Staff: Must be an Active Member. Members must be a Flight Officer. Members must complete Advanced Officer Training. Must be a member of the group for more than 6 Months, (however, due to such low staff, possible exceptions could be made, but those desiring such positions must undergo several tests along with Thorough training). Individuals must be able to concentrate well, understand their position and have a good sense of responsibility and maturity.

A Document of Acceptance is being made, but most likely wont be avalible before the first members of the temporary board.

Staff Positions are as follows

Recruitment Director: Holds sessions and makes friends with random players and directs them to the forums to join and conduct operations with the rest of your friends in the GPEO. Recruitment Award You Recruit someone to where they become a GPEO member, you earn this Ribbon.

Training Director: Works with Recruits on bringing their flight and combat maneuver skills up. Is like a mentor for recruits, teaching them what they know. Training Instructor Award
You train a Pilot to where they complete their test to become a Flight Officer, you earn this Ribbon.

Operations Director: Works with Recruiter and Training Directors, plans and schedules war-game or random operations, and training sessions either daily or for weekends, and often host sessions, too. They can host training and play as OPFOR for Recruits, or Host Recruitment servers during training sessions, in addition totheir Operations sessions, most of the time involving random players to join in the actions, setting them up in teams, even if no GPEO pilots are in the session, they still can organize random players into teams, let the dog fight among one another, and point out here and there that GPEO is open for Recruits. Allowing for more Forum Trafic and Sign ups to occur. An Award could be made by the first person tot take up this position, however the award must meet the cryteria of the ribbon, and be made with relevent colors. A person who successfully conduct 5 or more random war-game operations during their time as Operations Director will recieve a Ribbon at some point, when it is made.

Members can also begin doing some of these sort of things on their own. Try not to rely on others to do everything for you, we are a team, and when oen of us laggs behind, we all lag behind, even if one of us (me) is doing most of the work. so come on, a little help here, GPEO can't run with one person doing all the work, there needs to be someone other than me doing their part.

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