GPEO Concept Short History

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GPEO Concept Short History

Post  Dragnoxz on Tue May 12, 2009 10:53 pm

In the event that the world needed an organization to uphold a global law and to keep the peace between nations the GPEO Global Peace Enforcement Organization becomes formed. Later this peace organization finds that the US, UK, and many other nations Govt. becomes hijacked by puppet leaders, greed filled private corporations that use war to profit off of, oil companies, global banks, and private and shady medical pharmaceutical organization that benefit off of the populations pain by releasing diseases in to the public only later to sell them cures, to enslave the poor and to benefit the rich, to using slavery using a wage slave to divide and distract everyone using religion, race, living classes, national sports, reality shows and video games to dumb everyone from the elites true agendas, to conquer and own them and the world. The GPEO leaders realized it, and with a single final free media speech the peace force was turned from a peace force into a freedom force. A name change was made and thus the Global Patriots Elite Organization was born. A mass regrouping of rebel forces from the US, UK, and other nations militaries rendezvoused in Mexico, Indonesia, Singapore, some Pacific Islands, and temporarily in the UK, Iran, Australia, Russia, and places in South America, and eventually liberates France and Panama, to re-establish a new system of Govt. in a free global system.

The GPEO Signs a Cease Fire with the Ignorant, dumb down, media gullible populous and military forces controlled by the private corporate owners. Only to have communications lines sabotage by the Greed filled, control freakish, Corporate Elitist systems secret military forces. The GPEO retaliates and eventually liberates and frees the Pacific, most of the West Coast of North America, and eventually moves on to free the East Coast of the USA. Only to be betrayed by the RAF in the North West of the USA. The RAF gained a bug, a control freak politician who manipulates the RAF and dividing them from the US forces in the GPEO, and persuades them into allying the enemy of freedom; to attack the outnumbered GPEO. Eventually the media controlled forces fails to continue the war against the Revolutionary GPEO forces due to internet media exposing them, and peaceful protest, marches and civil noncompliance. The RAF later dissolves and is not able to afford its war machine any more due to the same problem. The War ends and freedom is felt around the globe.

The GPEO changes its name again, and is now known as the Global Pioneers Elite Organization. We are the Pioneers of the world, pioneering global freedom, to enlighten and unite all. But, the future holds other greed filled factions in the world that form up out of the wood work that try to take control over the world in other ways. The GPEO has a conflict and a war, but eventually prevails as freedom always dose and will. The Enemy of Freedom can see us coming, but they will Never Stop us. GPEO Freedom for All, Freedom for Life!

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