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Post  GPEO on Mon Nov 14, 2016 9:44 pm

This is for anyone who is interested in conducting random operations over a War Game region. The area is to be a simulated combat space in that pilots would, on their own time, enter a designated, or approved server, and conduct their operation. There will be a Blue and Green region. One region will be GPEO, the other will be MVACS. MVACS is a new university level VMO, in which its members will also take part in this War Game Campaign. There will weekly to monthly objectives to achieve by both sides. Air kills will simulate real kills, but inventory losses will not officially be counted against either side. There will be a Theme, assigned bases of operation, and aircraft inventory to choose form on either side. This will be treated like a real war, but will only be a simulated one. First organization to agree on a location will choose their side. Examples of locations best suited are as follows.

Florida/Cuba (F-5's, F-14's vs MiG-21's, MiG-29's)
Greece/Turkey (F-16's, F-5's, F-4's vs F-4's, F-16's, Mirrage-2000's)
New Zealand North/South (F-18's, F-14's vs F-15's F-16's)
Israel/Egypt (F-4's, F-16's vs MiG-21's, MiG-29's)
Iran/UAE (MiG-29's, SU-27's vs F-16's, F-15's)
UK/France (EF-2000's, AV-8's vs Rafale's, Mirage-2000's)
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