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Recruitment Campaign

Post  Dragnoxz on Mon Oct 24, 2011 5:20 pm

I am calling on GPEO Members to begin a Recruitment Campaign, for both GPEO-(Main) and GPEO-(Uatian Division). If GPEO Members, (of both 'Main' & 'Uatia') manage to Recruit someone and they end up becoming an official Member (From "Light Green-to-Green on the forum"), the Recruiter will receive the Recruitment Ribbon/Certificate for their duty. Remember to direct potential Recruits who join the forum to find the "Recruits Group" and join it, in order to become a Recruit, (Light Green), on the forum. Good Luck.

We are all of one entity now, both GPEO & Uatia. So I encourage both GPEO (Main) & (Uatia) to cooperate with recruiting for one another. It may make sense for recruits more suited to FSX be directed to GPEO (Main) Air Units; and for recruits more suited for ArmA be directed to GPEO (Uatia). However, recruits suited for both FSX & ArmA will have more options for service in both GPEO (Main) and (Uatia). Remember, (Main) & (Uatia) is now of one entity. As someone once said, "United we Stand, Divided we Fall." Good Luck.

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